Acro Yoga on a Sex Swing?

What do Acro Yoga, a Sex Swing and and Playboy radio host all have in common: Inverted Plays, Miyoko Rifkin. Look out yogis and lovers our sex life just got kicked up a notch and there is no turning back.  So, how fit do we need to be to make our sex life even hotter?

Well, don’t worry. There is no need to go rush out and buy that sex swing and purchase thousands of dollars in acro yoga classes (although it would sure be lots of fun).  Our exercise doesn’t have to be hardcore to have the positive benefits effect in our love lives.

Exercise in general releases feel good hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain and stress fighters which is why they make us feel soooo good. They’re opiates. Exercise also stimulates the release of sex hormones.

After we’re done working out our mood is elevated, the heart rate and blood pressure are lower, stress is down and the mood is elevated making us primed and ready for some serious love making!

Can we say ” Sexercise!”

Reaping the benefits of both exercise + sex (sexercise) often requires a little more work from our bodies than just a casual night of fun! Activities like, weight training, yoga and cardio prep our bodies for all those fun sex positions we like to do (or have always wanted to try)!   Sustainability and endurance in the bedroom, ” Yes, please!”

For the less adventurous, exercising a few times a week for a 30-60 minute moderately intense session like aerobics or a brisk walk can reap rewards for all genders. Both men and women reported having better orgasms, increased sex drive and improved sexual performance. But it’s not just the body that benefits…so does the mind.

No, we don’t have to chant “Om” or meditate before a romp in the hay just yet ( although it’s pretty yummy to do so).

Exercise causes us to mentally feel better about ourselves. It increases our self-esteem. It makes us feel more desirable and attractive. So if we’re crunched for time during the week with only a few moments to spare and the choices are going shopping, drinking or exercising to make us feel better, sexier and more attractive…go for the fitness first!

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