Age Prejudice In Dating

I wrote this article for Elephant Journal. It was published June 8th.

I use online dating tools to meet people.

I also coach daters of all ages and genders (including my own mom) on how to successfully navigate the world of online dating.

And I’ve learned that online dating has a serious prejudice: our age.

Okay, the entire world has a problem with aging but, the dating world is especially cold and harsh when it comes to age and the love selection process. With our instantaneous swipe right or left dating culture, most of us make a judgment about a potential date based solely on age and a photograph.

It’s ironic, given that the majority of us using dating apps are supposedly searching for the love of our lives or soul mates. You’d think we would take a little more time and care on this search instead of making snap judgments based on a number.

Does anyone even look like their age or photograph anymore? Everyone is getting their pictures and faces doctored these days! And what happened to exploring each other’s chemistry and commonalities? I know that requires meeting someone in person but isn’t finding lasting love worth it?

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