The Benefits of Being Naked

So, I was reading this blog from Elite Daily about some of the scientific reasons we should be naked  The article started strong and ended strong.  We are indeed a society that finds it easier to see a gun than a male genitalia on the big screen, as the author points out.  But, in her fact finding and humor she managed to group together porn, indecency and fetishes.  She judged them to be dark worlds while implying they are similar worlds!

What would happen if we all just let our bodies hang out in the open and didn’t hide them in dark worlds of porn, indecency and fetishes?” -Lauren Martin, Elite Daily

I deal with bodies all day long and not just my own. I am a yoga teacher. A meditation teacher and Life Coach. Bodies and minds are my joy, passion and livelihood.  I help people get empowered in this world. I help clients to bring balance and connection to their bodies and minds.  So I’m not sure how the scientific benefits of being naked and the “dark worlds of porn, indecency and fetishes” got lumped together in this blog.

Perhaps she hasn’t met someone who worked in the porn industry? I have. A few people. And I can tell you, they don’t feel they are doing anything indecent. Porn actors are grown adults doing what they love to do, or they wouldn’t do it.  A few people are bothered by the objectification of sex and women that porn often shows, but it’s still not indecent or dark. Indecency is illegal. Porn is not.

Porn actors have a job. Just like everyone else. The women earn 150-200k a year legally. Not exactly indecent.  Like any person with a job they love they do it well and proud. And like any job, there are unhappy people dealing with all kinds of addictions and issues, hell just look at wall street! But indecent? Dark?  Who says?

And since when is a fetish dark and lumped into indecency? Google the word “fetish” and there are thousands of articles( from major magazines and science journals) on very happy people who engage in them. There are even tutorials to teach you how to test the waters of Fetishes. Not exactly indecent.  Fetishism is only a disorder when it interferes with normal social functioning and sexual arousal.

Basically the author lost me when she asked the question above.  I can’t really see how allowing our naked bodies to hang out openly, with al the health benefits it provides ( better sleep, less bacterial growth, better mental health ect), got compared and lumped into the “dark” worlds of porn, fetishes and indecency.   Not exactly a way to make people feel comfortable in their sexuality and bodies, which is what this article was aiming to do.

Instead of judging how about we start accepting and loving. Love who you are, fully. Don’t judge, over analyze it or make excuses. If who you are makes you feel like crap, change it. Otherwise love and accept it. Being naked is great( science agrees). It is not indecent ( unless you do something that opposes decency laws). It is not dark and it is not reserved for fetishes and porn only.  Also, if you enjoy embarking on fetishes and porn, have no fear, that is okay too. Unless it affects  your normal social and sexual functioning..all is well in your world.


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