Dr. Lovve Show- Episode 2:Love Math

Please enjoy the June 28th airing of the Dr. Lovve Show.   I was part of an incredible group of experts, Geoff Laughton the relationship architect, Kooge Kweli empowerment coach and of course the fabulous Dr. Gabi Lovve.

The episode called Love Math asks some really key questions. 1. Does 1+1=2 in the tumultuous world of dating, love and relationships?  2. Is it important to know yourself well before entering the dating world?  3. Should we have a list of expectations while looking for a mate?  4. When should a man or woman expect to have sex on date?  5. Does a 50-50 partnership really work? All these questions and many more are discussed on the the LOVE MATH episode of the Dr. Lovve Show!  Tune in!