Personal Transformation Coaching  

Coaching with Heather utilizes her decades of expertise in yoga therapy, meditation, energetic balancing and psychic intuition. Her focus is to bring about a multi-layered personal transformative experience and healing. By overcoming and integrating the mental, energetic and physical obstacles related to our overall health, love, relationships and/or career we will be able to live our most empowered, successful, love filled lives.

As new foundations and awareness take root, the coaching sessions will work to sustain and embody these new vibrations and patterns on all levels: body,mind,emotions and the bio-magnetic energy field.

* Coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy but can be done in conjunction with most therapists. Persons with serious medical diagnosis’s like depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia and suicidal tendencies should seek the care of a professional psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

Yoga and Fitness 

Heather Dawn is a certified 200 & 500 E-RYT Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist. She also holds certifications in pilates mat, mini yogis, RX ball therapy, Power plate, Personal training and Spin.

  • Bodymuse Conscious Yoga Flow: A therapeutic flow that invovles traditional yoga postures and mindfulness meditation
  • Restorative Yoga: For dealing with stress and anxiety as well as injuries, stiffness and lack of joint mobility.
  • Stretch Therapy: Focuses on yoga and non-yoga based stretching techniques to help increase and maintain healthy joint mobility and stability.


Various styles of meditation are offered to treat or address issues dealing with, Anxiety, Fatigue, Insomnia, Stress, Energetic imbalances, Healing, Love, Pain and more.  Such styles of meditation include, Mindfulness,Guided, Chakra, Crystal, Pranayama ( breath work) and Mantra.

Energy Work : Crystal Reiki Balancing

All human beings are made up of body, mind, emotion and electro-magnetic energy. (The latter is also known as the aura.) Treating the human energy field helps to maintain & improve the health of our bodies and minds. It can be used as preventative or to help speed up the recovery process if we are dealing with injuries and ill health. As a certified Reiki Master and Crystal Energy Healer all sessions with Heather are catered to the needs of the client.

Palm & Tarot Intuitive Sessions 

Dealing with issues in love, health, money or life in general? Need some guidance or clarity? Book a quick session to help gain some clarity or direction in these areas.

Yoga, Meditation and Healing on the Go

Private and semi-private yoga & meditation sessions are available in your residence or work. Prices are based on geographical location and travel time. Email Heather at for further details.

Monthly Bodymuse Combo Packages

Many clients want to utilize all of the above services in a once or twice a week appointment at their convenience. For availability and to arrange these specially priced packages please email Heather

Combo Packages can be designed thematically to create: Equanimity, Enhance Love, Heal the Heart, Sleep Sound, Freedom from Fear, Realizing Your Dreams, Overcoming Obstacles, Positive Vibrations and more….