Your Stress Is Shaving Years Off Your Life

There are factors we can and cannot control in our life.  It is important to have this be your starting point when it comes to learning how to manage stress.  The latest article posted by the Washington Post, “Your Job Is Literally Killing You”, focuses on lack of education and race in the workplace as being two major culprits that shave years off your life.

We cannot control the race we are born into. Therefore it’s important to focus on what can be changed. In the same way the workplace can use educational studies like these to improve the working conditions for their workers, workers can also use these studies to educate themselves more thoroughly (which they do have control over) despite their race( which they do not have control over).

Remember, focus your energy on what you can change.  It is is extremely important not to use what you cannot change as an excuse to stay stuck in unhealthy situations. This is not about being easy or fair.  It is about using studies like these to improve your life.

When I think of education, I am not referring simply to your IQ and your vocational pursuits. I am also talking about the EQ ( emotional quotient).  Efforts to educate both your cognition and our emotional being are necessary to make better choices for our health and well-being.  Our stress response gets triggered when the mind, the body and the heart come into play in a negative way. Any one of these elements can trigger the continual negative effects of stress.

Start to take charge of your life when you read articles like this by searching the web. There are many FREE and low cost ways to help you understand and manage your stress better. There are seminars, webinars, youtube videos, vimeos and so much free reading materials to sift through!  Do a search ” how to manage stress” and go from there.

Articles like this should motivate you to better your health!


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