The Ultimate Yogasm

Yogasm– When a woman has or comes close to climax while engaged in a particular yoga posture.

Who knew?! Two of my favorite topics coming together in one word, Yogasm. And I thought the ultimate goal of yoga was to free the mind and become one with the divine,  Samadhi in Sanskrit.  Although, I’ve attained neither a yogasm or enlightenment, pursing the big “Yo” seems substantially easier than Samadhi.

When you consider the health benefits of both yoga and sex one has to ask why isn’t everyone jumping on board to learn the yogasm fundamentals.  At first I thought the yogasm had to do with Tantra but ( the minimal experience )I have had with that branch of yoga was more about developing intimacy and deeper connection. Tantra was about using sex for transformation rather than recreation and more importantly chasing the big “Yo”.

So, could it be our male counterparts are just so darn hot we can’t help ourselves?  Nah, that’s more the male version of a yogasm. Male Yogasm: When a man orgasms while watching a half-naked woman doing yoga online or in the classroom.

Cute as you are in your gym clothes guys, if you are in class and your yogini neighbor is having a titillating moment, the odds are it’s not the scent of your sweat or a host of pheromones that came wandering onto her mat that made her go BAM! It’s not even that hot male yoga instructor she’s been following for years! It has to do with the movement of of her deep pelvic floor muscles and the positioning of her body.undies shot (1)

Most of the male community is probably wondering “Pelvic floor?”  Yeah, that’s right. The big Yogasm happens when your yogini or significant female other knows how to use her muscles and ligaments that connect from her pubic bone, to her legs and base of her spine just right.  (Not exactly the kind of floor you can get at HomeDepot.)

And it seems a whopping 40% of the girls out there can attain the elusive yogasm! With a Coregasm coming in right behind those stats at 10% for all women who do abs in a way that gets the pelvic floor moving and grooving, according to Debby Herbenick Phd.

Ladies not to worry! Even if the Yogasm is unattainable, yoga is still an amazing tool for deepening our body-mind awareness.  And the body-mind awareness you gain from your weekly yoga class rolls right into the bedroom( or other locations if you’re the more adventurous type of lover). By learning to connect deeper into ourselves we can connect deeper with others.  This connection could lead us to mind-shattering experiences in love-making, so definitely worth exploring!

The Journal of Sexual Medicine did a study that showed 75% of the women who practice yoga said they have better sex lives! This may not include a yogasm, but does it really matter?According to a study done at the University of Canterbury, Sex/making love (and booze) ranked number one in pleasure, meaning, happiness and engagement! The sheer physical benefits alone of using your asana practice to increase core and pelvic floor strength as well as hip and groin flexibility is an immediate physical advantage regardless of attain the big “Yo”.

So, Buh-bye “sex, drugs and rock-n-roll” and helllooooo….yoga!

Whether you are just starting yoga or have been on the yoga path for some time there are a few suggested postures(asanas) that may be worth trying if you are pursing the elusive Yogasm.  For a little added fun why not invite your significant other to practice with you!   The general idea is to practice posptures that strengthen the pelvic floor and open the hips.  Here are a few suggestions:

Garudasana (eagle pose), Navasana ( upward facing boat) , Dhanurasana(Bow pose), Malasana (squatting) plank pose and basically any hip-openers, like Pidgeon pose will work just fine. (Click on this very sexy yogasm guide for some pictures  of a few yogasm inducing postures. Warning the link is rated R, for mature audiences only.)