Yoga Therapy Is More Than Just Fitness

Yoga Journal published a recent article on Yoga Therapy. This is the type of yoga I teach and focus on these last several years.   “In yoga therapy, we work on individuals, not conditions,” says McCall, a former internist who now trains yoga therapists with his wife, Eliana Moreira McCall, at their Summit, New Jersey, yoga therapy 

Yoga therapy looks at the entire person not just the problem that brought them there. There are some amazing teachers like Bo Forbes, Annie Carpenter, Jill Miller, Jules Mitchell and Trina Altman who have really pioneered the field of yoga therapy.

Yoga therapy is about healing,  breathing, slowing down and embodying. This often gets lost in your typical vinyasa/flow or power yoga class that most pop-culture yogis are exposed to.  Additionally, I use life coaching and energy  work integrated into yoga therapy sessions with clients and find it to be very effective in generating even greater health and wellness.

Check out the yoga journal article for more information.   If you’re looking for health and wellness not just fitness, yoga therapy is for you!    Reach out to me if you’d like a session through bodymuse!

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