Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

A friend gave me a face serum for my birthday this year. It contains sheep placenta. Yes, you read it right. Yes, I cringed too. No, it doesn’t smell bad. Yes, I am still using it…for now. I figured even if I am a “spiritual being having a human experience”, I can certainly smear a little placenta on my face in the name of youth and fun!

However, I have wondered if my using this serum means I’ve finally bought into the insecurities of being an unmarried female over 25 living in Los Angeles despite my new-age mind set and profession? Will I really start chanting “ Baaahhhhh” instead of “ Ommmmmm” and investing thousands of dollars I’ve yet to earn in the name of youth!?

Or, maybe it is just as important(or at least worthwhile) to work on your “outsides” as it is your “insides?” I mean, who says you can’t be enlightened and squirt a little filler from time to time?

Until recently I wasn’t that sophisticated when it came to beauty products or skin care. For years I’ve been using Dove soap to wash my face. Ever since a traumatizing and sudden onset of adult acne in my late twenties, my dermatologist recommended I only wash my face with Dove followed by another drug-store special, Neutrogena skin cream. Add and few trichloroacetic acid peels a year and viola, my skin care was complete!

But let’s face it, I’m not 25 anymore (thank heaven). And I’m becoming more aware of my how I age, even though I meditate daily to awaken and enlighten my inside. I’m also painfully aware how my love for outdoor activities is a true anti-aging skin nightmare. But there is one honest truth we can all agree on…everyone ages. Quite frankly the alternative is way worse, so embracing it is a great idea.

Years ago my buddhist teacher used to recommend that we do our best to “keep it real” and work on not deluding our minds and hearts. Delusion would only increase our suffering. She was and is right, of course. But I’m certainly glad people still tell me how young I look without adding that nasty little…”for your age” on the back end of a compliment.

I feel very lucky to have gotten to this stage in my life(alive and well) and to be gifted with the process of aging. I am also lucky to be surrounded by amazing well-educated friends, who are either professional anti-aging Physicians or just insanely connected to all the top-notch products and procedures. And right along side that luck, I have the most amazing source of meditators, healers and therapists around me as co-workers and advisors.

Seems to me when the world of “sheep placenta” meets “ meditation” you kind of have a home run!

So, I thought of the proverb written by Sir Thomas Overbury in 1613 “All the carnall beauty of my wife, Is but skin deep.” Which later became, “Beauty is only skin deep”. I thought the shallowness that is often associated with anti-aging pursuits doesn’t have to be that way. That there is a place where the preservation of a youthful appearance can meet the reality inducing world of meditation and generating a youthful attitude as well.

I mean, why not?

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