What Is a Crystal Reiki Energy Session?

I remember the first time I received a Reiki treatment. It was by a woman named Kathryn Barley. I was a skeptical teenaged kid who was struggling with a lot of emotional issues such as anger and anxiety. After spending years  as the recipient of more  traditional therapeutic methods, with no long term solutions my parents allowed me to go off the beaten path to heal.

I wanted relief from myself and to understand what this “life” thing was all about. Kathryn was the kind of person I could relate to and not get freaked out. She was a mixture of warmth, healthy sarcasm, weirdness, with a serious love for crystals…especially Herkimer diamonds and the tuff-love only a native New Yorker could adore.

I could easily relate to. After one session and a hug that melted my entire being, I was hooked. More importantly, I was really starting to get relief/heal in a more permanent way.

Reiki is an alternative healing method that uses the laying on of hands. It was created by a Japanese Buddhist to help life force (Ki/Chi/Prana) flow move more freely through the energy channels (meridians/nadis) of the body. Reiki helps to clear stuck or stale energies, emotional build ups and imbalances and decrease the recovery time for physical injuries.

To understand how Reiki Works you need to understand how a human being works at absorbing and experiencing life. We are all layers of body, thought, emotions and energy.  We are all made up of atoms (energy), whose tiny individual particles are moving faster than the speed of light and cannot be seen optically. There is an electro-magnetic field around these moving atoms creating space, which thankfully keeps us the size we are, otherwise we’d be the size of a sugar cube!

All objects made of matter (atoms) emit electromagnetic fields. Reiki works with this energy. And since  the layers we are all made up of are interconnected it also works on the body, the mind and the emotions simultaneously.

The doorway we use to enter our healing and personal growth is up the individual but any doorway will do. But first you must have the desire. And that desire must be strong enough to withstand the challenges of this path to wholeness.

I was certified as a Reiki Practitioner by the time I was 19 years-old. I became extremely intuitive and  I was taught how to work with crystals, to teach guided meditation, read palms and tarot before I ever stepped foot in a college classroom.

To say I was different from my peers was an understatement. But, I had been used to feeling different in a disconnected way through most of my youth. After these experiences with alternative healing, I felt different because I felt extremely connected. I was finally dialed into the workings and mysteries of the universe in all loving and embracing way that was inclusive of the realities of life, the ups and downs of simply being human.

The concept of doing the kind of alternative healing work I do now as a personal transformation coach, and a viable career didn’t come to much later in my life.  I spent years in many other trades which brought much joy and many valuable lessons to me as to who I was, what I was capable of and what my destiny would one day be.  Helping others in the way I was helped so many years ago is a gift that keeps on giving.