Sound Bath & Meditation: Gratitude

An ” Attitude of Gratitude” improves our mental and physical health. It improves self- esteem, self worth and helps our relationships with others. The practice of being grateful also generates empathy and improves sleep.

Gratitude isn’t about life being perfect. It’s about our willingness to appreciate what we do have, both small and large. It’s releasing the attitude and belief that that new or next thing will make us happier. It’s letting go of the conditions of your being grateful and choosing to connect to it now. Today. In this moment.

So, “count your blessings” as they say. Because it really will improve your happiness. Even if it feels contrived at first, scientific studies say being persistently grateful will in fact make you happier.

We all have struggles that can feel overwhelming at times. And for many of us those struggles last longer then we are comfortable with or feel we can handle. Gratitude doesn’t negate our challenges. It just reminds us of the light/kindness/empathy/goodness that co-exists too.