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Bodymuse™ is about awakening the muse within. Through the use of yoga, meditation, life coaching, healing and fun, you will learn how to transform the effect of life’s inherent stresses. With this transformation you will become an empowered person both inside and out. Bodymuse wants to help you be in charge of your health and well-being. To become your own bodies…muse.

Inspire yourself to health!



Enough Of The Slut Shaming!

March 31, 2016

If a young man is a virgin by a certain age, he’s a loser and needs to get laid. If a young girl who’s the...

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Hear James and Heather: Playradio.com Interview with host Miyoko Rifkin

March 26, 2016

James and I were asked to be a guest on Playboyradio.com's  "Play With Me" hosted by Miyoko Rifkin.   We dished on singlehood, relationships and...

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What Your Downstairs Hairstyle is Saying About You.

March 26, 2016

I’m definitely one of those heterosexual women who prefer body hair on men. I find it to be masculine and often adds a nice tactile...

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