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Bodymuse™ is about awakening the muse within. Through the use of yoga, meditation, life coaching, healing and fun, you will learn how to transform the effect of life’s inherent stresses. With this transformation you will become an empowered person both inside and out. Bodymuse wants to help you be in charge of your health and well-being. To become your own bodies…muse.

Inspire yourself to health!



Simplifying Venus Retrograde and July’s Blue Moon

July 27, 2015

Venus, the planet of love, arts, values and money  is retrograding( in review).  We also have a blue moon( two full moons in a single...

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Boat Pose: Navasana

July 25, 2015

Work that core!Upward facing boat is great for strenghtening the core and back. Also enjoy Ardha Navasana( knees bent, calves parallel to the floor), modified...

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Lower Back Relief

July 24, 2015

Pain in the lower back can debilitating. This video contains a few lower back stretches( not all of them..just a few) that can help with...

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